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Our firm provides one stop legal and consulting service for companies doing business in Japan and Latin America, in cooperation with local professionals including attorneys, public notaries, accountants, and consultants. 

Establishment, Operation, and Liquidation of Companies


In cooperation with local counsel and public notaries, we support companies in executing legal procedures and drafting legal documents required under corporate laws in opening, maintaining, and closing offices in Japan andLatin America.


  • Establishment and liquidation of foreign subsidiaries,

  • Opening and closing foreign branches and representatives offices;

  • Complying regulations and using incentives for foreign investments;

  • Drafting corporate governance documents, including stockholder meeting and board of directors meeting minutes



Immigration and Visas


In cooperation with local counsel and consultants, we support companies in timely obtaining appropriate types of visas for their staff travelling and staying in Japan andLatin America


  • Visa application for corporate staff and their accompanying families

  • Solving legal issues related with visa and immigration law



Employment and Labor Practice


In cooperation with local counsel and consultants, we support companies in dealing with employment and labor management both on both Japanese staff and locally employed staff.


  • Compliance with local labor regulations

  • Payroll calculation and social insurance administration

  • Drafting labor documents, including employment agreement and work regulations.

  • Recruitment, personal evaluation, and communication of local staff

  • Solving labor disputes 



Legal Compliance and Risk Management


In cooperation with local counsel and consultants, we support companies in managing with regulatory and reputation risk, by effectively complying with local regulations and international standards.


  • Environmental law

  • Competition law

  • Anti Corruption

  • Business and human rights

  • Anti money laundering and sanction

  • Reputation risk management

  • Supply chain and third parties due diligence

  • Security

  • Corporate Social Responsibility





In cooperation with local counsel, we support companies in drafting, reviewing, and translating contracts and obtaining licenses for various transactions.


  • Real estate transactions

  • Purchase & Sales agreements; Supply chain agreements

  • Financial transactions

  • Distributorship and agency agreements

  • License agreements

  • Transactions related with energy and infrastructure

  • International trade and custom



Tax & Accounting


In cooperation with local accountants, we support companies in accounting and tax planning &reporting.


  • Book keeping and financial reporting

  • Managing Consolidated financial reporting

  • Establishing Internal control systems

  • Tax planning & reporting

  • Managing transfer pricing taxation

  • Drafting various reports for headquarters and authorities 

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